It’s Not So Sweet – Could Sugar Actually Kill Us?


It’s Not So Sweet – Could Sugar Actually Kill Us?

MarciaWhitePassportPhoto-001by Marcia White.

It’s important to become aware of what we’re eating. This shocked me when I did the research….

In the UK we consume more than 1 kilogram, the equivalent of 238 teaspoons of sugar every week.  A lot of this is due to the excessive amount of hidden sugars,   these are sugars found in savoury foods such as soups, bread, ketchup, ready meals and breakfast cereals.  Some of the savoury foods that I have purchased recently have been so sweet they tasted peculiar, I could not eat them; I had to throw them away.

French scientists found that rats prefer sugar to cocaine, even when they are suffering from a cocaine addiction. As sugar is more addictive than cocaine, high sugar contents enable the food manufacturers to thrive off our addiction.  Check your addiction to sugar, can you refuse chocolate, biscuits or cake?

Sugar is a potential toxin and has been linked to many major health problems, including cardiovascular disease and strokes.  We all know about Type 2 diabetes, but from my recent research it is clear that there are many more health problems associated with sugar.

In the gut we need a healthy balance of good bacteria.  Sugar feeds the bad bacteria, causing them to multiply. These harmful bacteria emit signals that can cause dysfunction, depression, autoimmune disorder, even allergies and cold hands and feet.  Having the wrong mix of microbes may even contribute to obesity, according to Mark Hyman, MD, Founder and Medical Director of the UltraWellness Center in Massachusetts.

I was shocked to read in The Telegraph newspaper about David Gillespie, a Brisbane-based lawyer turned researcher, whose Sweet Poison books chart his own decision to stop eating sugar, resulting in him losing six stone without dieting, in just one year.  Gillespie began reading John Yudkin’s book Pure, White and Deadly, published in 1972, which showed that consumption of sugar and refined sweeteners is closely related to long-term diseases. %C

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