A Few Days in London – Museums Galleries Architecture

London is a vibrant, exciting city. There’s so much to do, even on a budget.

The British Museum

One of the best Museums in London

The British Museum is well laid out. There’s something that will appeal to everyone. It is free to enter, they ask for donations.

The main entrance to The British Museum.

Egyptian Sculpture Gallery

The Egyptian Sculpture Gallery is spectacular. A truly memorable space.  

Room 4 The British Museum

Egyptian Sculpture Gallery.

Exhibits include stylised depictions of kings, deities and symbolic objects ranging from the time of the Old Kingdom to the middle of the Roman Period as well as architectural pieces from temples and tombs.

One of the Lions in the Egyptian Gallery.

Imposing statue.

An imposing stone bust of the great pharaoh Ramesses II presides over the room, close to the world-famous Rosetta Stone with its three inscribed scripts which led to the decipherment of hieroglyphs – Egypt’s ancient form of pictographic writing.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece.

Rodin was inspired by Parthenon sculptures.

Ancient Greece is also well covered, including many exhibits from The Parthenon.

Some of their fascinating exhibitions are free. At the time of writing you can see Charmed Lives in Greece, This exhibition focuses on the friendship of the artists Niko Ghika and John Craxton, and the writer Patrick Leigh Fermor. Their shared love of Greece was fundamental to their work, as they embraced its sights, sounds, colours and people.

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Photographs by Marcia White

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