Suffragettes A New Play by Paul King

The new play by Paul King, ‘Suffragettes’, will open at the Titchfield Festival Theatre, Fareham, Hampshire, and will run from 10th May until 20th May 2017.
For tickets please contact Paul King by email:


Paul is a Hampshire based playwright. He has written for the stage and for radio; his work includes large-cast, community plays. He has published a number of sets of plays, and books, about theatre for young people, all currently in publication. His long career has taken him from drama teacher, to examiner, advisor, lecturer, actor, playwright and director.


Paul has always been interested in history, and it was this that led him to write and direct his latest play ‘Suffragettes’ at the Titchfield Festival Theatre. It started with the publication of ‘No Man’s Land’, a set of plays about the role of women in WW1, and the simple question ‘what did the suffragettes do during the war?’ Resulting in the subsequent discovery: what we think we know about suffragettes probably isn’t true.

This exciting, new play covers the period between 1912 and the outbreak of WW1; it deals with the split within the Pankhurst family, and the escalating suffragette violence.

You can watch Paul’s recent TV interview, and get a glimpse of rehearsals.

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