Leah Cohen Poetry

A collection of poetry by Leah Cohen


 by Leah Cohen


A poem by Leah Cohen.

To escape the yakky mum, the sulking dad

the emptiness

which made her shadow shrink

she withdrew inside herself

cut the cord

lived within her head

painting thoughts original

putting them to brush and stroke

Critics came from everywhere

Fleshing her for all to see

And as they stared

She NAKED stood

in the spotlight

of the empty crowd.

To escape

she withdrew inside herself

pulled the cord around her neck

and Hung her art

Her Self!


A poem by Leah Cohen

She can’t complete a sentence

without saying her husband’s name

She says that she’s a good wife

Cos you don’t hear him complain

He tells her to wear lipstick,

either orange or bright red

She smears it on, looks like a clown

and yes, wears it to bed.

He gives her plenty sex

and she is always in the mood

After all, he chose the house, the furnishings

and buys the food

She owes her life to him.

He is her best and closest friend

She lives by vows they took that day.

Together, till the end

When she goes to buy a dress,

he is always at her side

He’s so pleased when she tries on the one

he’s picked. She swells with pride

He plans their social outings.

She looks just like a queen.

She always says the right things

and never makes a scene.

He tells her how she pleases him.

She says she loves him too

He goes to work. She scrubs the house.

 It always looks like new

She once spoke of the child they’d have,

and watched his eyes grow dim

Now she knows that he’s the only one,

and she belongs to him

They say she doesn’t have a self.

She doesn’t understand

She puts the orange lipstick on,

and takes her husband’s hand.

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