A Series of Monologues – Creative Writing

The first in our series of monologues consists of two new pieces of creative writing. The first is titled The Poetry Course, written and performed by Sue Shattock, an experienced and talented writer with a background in television. Notably she wrote for The Bill and Emmerdale. Her theatre career began as an Assistant Stage Manager, when she worked with some of the great stars, including Omar Sharif, amongst others. More recently Sue’s plays have been performed in Portsmouth and Brighton. Sue is a gifted story teller and creative thinker.

The second monologue in our short film, written and performed by Beth McGee-Russell is called Picti Cat Blues. Beth comes from an acting background and has more recently commenced her writing career. Her work is complex and compelling, it consists of many layers. Beth is not only a great actor but also an intriguingly clever and imaginative writer.

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